Hey RoboticRhetori: still cold on Utube? Nah!!!

Camera-ing Around..


I tried to upload ur video here, couldn’t. Great stuff & thank you for stopping by : you and everyone who ever has :here on Innerdialect

was telling a friend last week after looking at one of the most startling horrificcccccc  visuals I seen lately ( rickshaw wallah blown up by the bomb he didnot know he was carrying : oh three stills that captured his last moments, legs not even there )..

so said to my friend, ” Nothn startles me much any more, except good things..”

Yeah so am startled a bit when people can still “Like” a half written page, or try understand what you tried to write thru a smog darkly,

or hang around waiting for another blogger ( me) to lift face off  da floor and get on with it,

hey , I believe there’s still spark and fire left in cold places, even if for a bit am dragging my happy feet.

So this is like Gratitude page :

( Yeah Post Thanksgiving on the 4th of December:)

Grateful for so much here this misty sunday with a sprained shoulder and looking at U fantastic Bloggers who cared to Follow ,  read up, be there. I LOVE your words, images, the ” Words falling so honestly from your eyes”, your brilliance and the way you all can say it like it is..

Am shamelessly admiring, ‘k? Any harm ?

🙂 Cya




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