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Last night ..

got back home in the rain after meeting some necessary giants, ( such little boys ) :

thinking how rattled we get, by things we have nt done before. Muscles we never knew we had are yanked into action / brain activity takes new tangles. We retreat into yelling dark corners screaming, ” mamaaaaaa….”
So who gets to do new things ?

After many wake up cups and some balcony gardening / I see how powerful a little new idea can be.
New routes.
Today am going to do at least one new thing Ive not dared to do before.
Thank you all my friendly neighbourhood giants.


2 thoughts on “Last night ..

  1. know what I did ? Visited an old construction worker lady lives in ahut / she was just finishn her lunch ; how different her world was from mine ;
    such little spaces, and all handled with care.

    I’m going back, tomorrow : 11 am.

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