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Lyrics & Life



Invisible bridge between my hyperactivity and your schedules

My  half words and invisibilty

You,  constantly changing,
accepting what I become with you
what you ask , around me.

Endless conversations we might never remember, but deep down when all

of this over, we will ; we will remember the way we felt: together, apart, but together, even for that one fraction of a parting moment, together..

Thank you big brother.










the stars and earth.

who defined the word untouchable : came from the sanskrit word …meaning “ crushed”…

you re- define the words ” evil ” and give me a phrase ” necessary evil “…

think my brother .. what if it were us … what if it were our child or wife or husband …

would we have the time to debate / or hate ? We would be there for them relentlessly, true love never waits.

We must meet beloved brother, walk deep into each others fields,

visit one another /

not like historians and jury

or sinner and saints

nor with sickle and sword, or fear or memories of pain

not war or the passioned moment

but because when we ‘ re gone, it will be too late > and maybe only you can make the difference, or even me,

would we let us, beloved

would we

give us all that chance , to crush current reasons to hate
< look at us earthlings all hanging in there some of us upsdie down


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