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tattoo shop


lines. traditional temporary & herbal

” .. U CANT BE NORMAL AND WORK HERE …” the sign read.

It was a leather and paint affair hanging all by itself by a quiet coconut headed dwarf on the counter where the couple sat like sweet Buddhas shoulder to shoulder.

We searched for words because I hadnt known a place like that before. Everything was quite unaffected and at a curious Peace with the Gulmohar and the wild rain outside.

“Umbrellas in the rack, I ‘ll take your bags, ” she said to us, and that her name was Mijh. With a H.

He grinned and the amused moment lasted another five seconds, till Jeb next to me coughed and frightened Mijh. Mijh’s friend said he was Mijh’s friend. His name he said was Tam. He wore a black banian, dull black pants that were held up by sheer will and a belt that had stretch marks.

Tam ‘s face constantly moved and I wondered at his stillness that waited while he moved. Like a Traveller travellin in one single space.

Mijh and Jeb were leafing thru pictures of Tattoos and some startling ones with nudes and tattoos in uncomfortable places.

I must ve stared because Tam moved again, in a way that halted my mind.

Hmmm , he said without moving any lip. The brown eyes were hooding over till they looked at me and Jeb and Mijh and the pictures , with an aura of Fatherhood.

I realised I hadnt lived a complete life. Tattoos. I chose one. Tam grinned inside his teeth.

For some fantastic reason he reminded me of myself. Colleagues, in a not so normal way ….


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