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Waiting to Dance : Unafraid > excerpt Poesy 09 India

Before the Music


Rehearsals : oil acrylic on canvas >Artroom

Sometimes I am too shy to pray
But not today,
not after our Faces tore
and Skies brewed black ;

and Stars were smoked
& we stared like that.
So many million Poets
among carefree Corpses.

Sometimes I am too Still to dance
again, but not Today
not here like this :
the Night is young,

Its Song is pure;
Truant Words find their Cure,
when Broken Feet cross their Street,
unafraid. Unafraid.

<post riots mumbai & later Bangalore 08 < learning to live again

II A Poet’s Invite < Brothers. nations

We must meet, Brother
walk deep into each others Fields, eat
each others’ Meals
dress up for one another,

appoint a Feast,
announce our state of
Repair ;

We’ ve inherited different Houses
but even these have Gates that open that
let the other in, brother
like we used to,

we must meet, eat together again
our Children may never know
we once had the same

R.N. ( from The Naked Prayer : dedicated to nations : border Conflict }

enough rehearsals ; need Peace Unveiled !

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